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Emergency Learning Days

The Joliet Township High School Board of Education approved a plan to implement Emergency E-Learning Days beginning in the 2019-2020 school year. 

E-Learning Days eliminate the loss of instructional time during unscheduled school closures. If an Emergency E-Learning Day is necessary, it would be considered a regular school attendance day and would not be made up at the end of the school year. The purpose of an Emergency E-Learning Day is to provide a continuum of learning for students in the event that school needs to close. Teachers will leverage the district’s 1:1 technology resources to provide students with relevant, meaningful and manageable assignments that students can be engaged in when school has been cancelled. The goal is to minimize disruption to the academic progress caused by emergency school closures and to make emergency days as educationally productive and engaging as possible.

The Emergency E-Learning Plan outlines specific responsibilities for teachers, staff, and students. This includes making the announcement of an E-Learning Emergency Day no later than 5 a.m. the morning of the school closure. The announcement will be made through the standard modes of communication used by the school district, including text message, automated phone call, social media, and the Emergency Closing Center. 

Per this plan, teachers will post attendance procedures and relevant class assignments for students to access by 9 a.m. the morning of the Emergency E-Leaning Day. Assignments will be aligned to curricular objectives and will require no more than 50 minutes to complete per class. Teachers will be available to assist students online through their Learning Management Platform. 

Student expectations include reading and following directions received regarding attendance and participation.  Students must complete activities and class assignments from their teachers. In the  event of unforeseen circumstances, students should consult with their teachers.  For example, students without access to power or the internet should see their teachers the following student attendance day.   

JTHS Technology Support Staff will work from home and are available to assist students, parents, and staff with technical support on Emergency E-Learning Days. Students and parents should call 815-727-6860 for assistance or email central (Central Campus) or (West Campus). 

JTHS Information Line: In an emergency situation, please do not contact the school directly because this blocks phone lines. JTHS will deliver emergency information in a variety of ways including phone messages, email, website, social media, print media, radio and more. In addition, JTHS has a phone line to direct parents to these mediums when phones messages are delivered. The JTHS Information Line phone number is: 815-724-1800.