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Activities Code

This information is prepared for the benefit of prospective and current students at District 204 high schools and parents. In addition to this information, there are other requirements and commitments, which are asked of participating students. They will be made known to the participants by the members of the school staff and/or by announcements at school. Where applicable, IHSA requirements, as published, must be met. Parents, as well as coaches and sponsors, are expected to be responsible for requiring that their participants adhere to this policy. This code is in effect seven days a week, 12 months a year, in season or out of season, whether school is in session or not.

Philosophy - The extra-curricular program in District 204 is organized to allow for the fullest possible participation for those students willing to make a definite commitment to interscholastic participation and competition. Participating in extra-curricular activities is viewed by the district as a worthwhile endeavor to enhance adolescent development. Participation in the extra-curricular program is a privilege and, as such, carries certain expectations. Extra-curricular means all activities, inclusive, offered by the high school in addition to the curricular offerings. The important goals of the activities program are to offer students direction in developing healthy living habits, discipline, leadership, teamwork, citizenship skills, and respect for structure, rules, and responsibilities. It is to these ends that an “Extra-Curricular Participation Code” is established for those choosing to take part in the Student Activities program. Every student chosen to be a member of an extra-curricular activity will be offered the opportunity to practice, and whenever possible, to participate in contests relative to their demonstrated abilities. Important advantages of individual initiative, character, and teamwork can be developed only when there is team cooperation with established procedures. Team success without such cooperation is deemed impossible. No attempt to infringe on a student’s individual rights is intended, and the school applies such standards on participants with the knowledge and recognition that the established goals of team spirit and morale, character development, and team success cannot be achieved by any other alternative.