Meet the Counselors

Joliet West High School’s PPS Team is in an active partnership with parents and community and will promote excellence in a caring, supporting environment, in which all students learn and grow. This partnership shall empower all students to develop strong self-esteem, become responsible learners and decision-makers. PPS partners with the school wide commitment to developing and using a visionary and innovative curriculum and a knowledgeable and dedicated staff.

Guidance counselors and the student assistance coordinator are also a part of the school wide behavior management system. In their roles they provide assistance to the students, parents, and staff of the Joliet West High School Community. Their goal is to address, assist, and remediate academic and/or personal concerns before they have a serious effect on the student or the school.

Christine Austin

Guidance Counselor, A (Freshmen), Jav - Mb

Melanie Boseo

Guidance Counselor, A - Carn

Sandra Fredrickson

Guidance Counselor, X - Z (Freshmen), Shv - Z

Yvette Jacquet

Guidance Counselor, Fo - Jau

Christine Lipke

Guidance Counselor, Cao - Fl

Alan Mart

Guidance Counselor, B - L (Freshmen)

Sharralyn Martin

Guidance Counselor, M - W (Freshmen)

Roger Plechaty

Guidance Counselor, Mc - Perr

Jacquelyn Reinbolt

Guidance Counselor, Pers - Shu