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If your student is not returning to school in-person as a hybrid learner, please disregard this message.  We are sending this message to all parents/students to ensure this communication reaches the intended recipients. 
Dear Hybrid Parents and Students, 
On days when students are scheduled to attend school in-person, their parent or guardian must complete a pre-certification survey using CrisisGo.  The survey lets us know that the student does not have COVID or COVID-like symptoms. At 5 a.m. each in-person attendance day, CrisisGo sends parents and guardians an email with this survey. There is an espanol link at the bottom of the email that you need to click if you want to view the survey in Spanish.  You can also access the survey if you download the CrisisGo app, but no Spanish translation is available through the app.    
Safety iPass & School Entry  
After completing the survey, a bar code appears on your screen.  This is called a Safety iPass.  When students arrive at school, we scan their ID card to view the iPass so we know they are pre-certified and can enter the building.  IDs are issued to students the first week back to school.  We have a plan in place to view the iPass without the ID card, but your student will enter the building quicker if he/she downloads the Safe2SpeakUp app.  Use the student’s school-issued email and the password 123 to log on to the app.  Watch this video to learn more about Safe2SpeakUp.    
Safety iPass Colors  
Your student can only enter the school if the iPass color is GREEN.   Based on the answers to the CisisGo pre-certification questions, the Safety iPass barcode appears in one of four colors: Green means the student can enter the building. Red means the student cannot enter the school and the school calls you for more information.  Yellow means the student cannot enter the school because he/she is in quarantine.  Gray means the parent or guardian did not complete pre-certification.   
Your student can learn at home remotely if the iPass is not green.  For more information about the Safety iPass, view this short video
Pre-Certification Options & Instructions 
There are two ways to pre-certifying your student.  Choose the option that works best for you. 
Option 1 – Email: Open the CrisisGo email that was sent to you at 5 a.m.  To view the survey in English, click on the blue Report button.  To view the survey in Spanish, click on the link at the bottom of the email that says espanol .  When you finish answering the survey questions, your student’s Safety iPass appears on the screen and you will know if your student can report to school in person or if he/she should stay home and learn remotely.  
Option 2 - CrisisGo App: Download the CrisisGo app to your phone or computer.  Use the link in your CrisisGo email to make a CrisisGo password.  When logging into the app, use your email and the password you made through the email. 
Need Help? 
If you need help downloading the app or you are not getting the pre-certification emails, contact technology support at or call (815) 727-6860.  Check your Spam or junk folder before contacting technology as emails are often directed there.  If you have additional questions, fill out the Hybrid Learning Question Form.  
This is New - Please Don’t Worry 
New procedures are sometimes stressful.  Please don’t worry. If you forget to pre-certify or if something prevents you from being able to pre-certify, we have a plan in place. We will make it work. 

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