Driver Education

Driver education is offered as a one semester course during the regular school year in day school for grade 11 and 12 students. Additionally, students have the opportunity to enroll in after school or summer school driver education if age 15 years is attained and they have passed eight high school courses during the previous two semesters.

Driver Education (After/Summer School)
Students must start the process to register for all sessions with their Guidance Counselor.  All Driver Ed fees must be paid at time of registration at the book store. (cash, check or charge) online payments are not available.

PLEASE OBTAIN a Permit To Enroll Form from your counselor.

Driver Education Mission Statement

The Joliet Township High School Driver Education is a three-phase program designed to help novice drivers develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to become safe, low-risk, responsible drivers.

Course Description

Students will receive safe instruction in the safe operation of motor vehicles, rules of the road, and the laws of the State relating to motor vehicles. The course meets the legal requirements of the State in preparing students to become safe and efficient users of the highway transportation system.

Driver Education is taught in three phases:

  1. Classroom Instruction (30 hours)
  2. Simulation
  3. Behind the Wheel Driving (6 hours)

Students who receive a grade of "B" or better in all phases of the course may be eligible to take the State of Illinois Driver's Licensing Test with their Driver Education instructor.  Parents are responsible for a minimum of 50 hours of supervised driving (of which 10 hours must be night driving) with their son/daughter and to record this on a document to be turned in when the student obtains his/her license. To successfully complete the course, students must attend all course hours.


Driver Education - Full Class

  • In-District: $ 250.00
  • Out-of-District:  $ 350.00        

Driver Education - Repeat BTW ONLY

  • In-District:  $ 175.00
  • Out-of-District:  $ 275.00

Driver Education - Repeat Classroom ONLY

  • In-District:  $ 150.00
  • Out-of-District:  $ 200.00

Please note: Juniors and Seniors who qualify for a district fee waiver will get the driver education fee waived.  All other students must pay the driver education fee

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