Student Assistance Program

The purpose of this program is to provide prevention activities, conduct interventions when substance abuse is suspected, coordinate services with local agencies, conduct support groups for students at risk, and collaborate with the development of new programs both in the school and community.

Service areas include: prevention/education, intervention, support groups and community.


Activities are designed to keep healthy kids healthy and /or provide positive direction to borderline or experimental users.  The 2018-19 Prevention/Education Activities are:

CASA CLUB: Central Against Substance Abuse is the umbrella organization of those activities listed below. Our slogan is “Come How You Are.” This organization is committed to building and supporting healthy, drug-free communities through education and action. 

Operation Snowball:   An action-packed weekend retreat held yearly at Camp Manitoqua for Joliet Central Students. A three day retreat where students work in large and small groups to discuss issues of importance to them.  Previous topics of discussion have included leadership strategies, drug use and abuse concerns, gender issues, resiliency and decision-making skills and acceptance.

Snowbound:   Operation Snowbound is an opportunity for students to become a Snowball Leader. We teach and promote that when a community supports its students’ healthy choices, the number of kids making good decisions about substance use increases.    

Reality Check:   Students write and present skits to junior high students on issues appropriate to that age group.  Presentations have been done on substance use, alcoholism in the family, teen pregnancy, hate crimes, gang violence, dating issues, divorce and racial tension.  Central students then discuss with the junior high students the importance of making positive decisions.


This aspect of the Student Assistance Program is twofold.  The SAP Coordinator serves as a member of the Behavioral Health Team.  This team works in cooperation with staff members with identifying those students who have problems that interfere with their learning process then referring these students for appropriate assistance. 

Educational Support or Self Help Groups

The groups that are offered are determined by the current trends that disrupt our students' social and emotional well-being.  These groups are scheduled on a weekly rotating basis.


The SAP is an active member in the Will County Community Networking Meeting. This group meets quarterly throughout the school year with other High Schools and Community Agencies throughout Will County.