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Summer Reading

This year, more than ever before, it is critical for students to participate in our Summer Reading Program. While we believe it will be critical for students to take time to relax and recover from the traumas of the 2019-2020 school year, we also know that time away from school can have a significant negative impact on learning (this decrease is often called the “summer slide”). This summer there is the potential for dramatic learning gaps created by the months of COVID-19 school closures. In order to confront the “summer slide” Joliet Township High School requires all students to participate in the JTHS Summer Reading Program.

Our Reading Program has been developed in partnership with the Joliet Public Library (JPL). We ask students to read any publication or book of their choice and to document the number of pages they read throughout the summer using the Joliet Public Library Individual Readers Log (which is available online and can be printed).

Joliet Township High School’s partnership with the Joliet Public Library allows all JTHS students to participate in the JPL Summer Reading Challenge and receive awards and incentives. Students do not need a library card to participate. It is worth noting that in many cases students can participate in more than one summer reading program -- students who are residents of Manhattan, Shorewood, or Plainfield are encouraged to also participate in their local library summer reading programs.

While students can read any book or publication of their choice, sometimes students need help finding interesting books to read; our teachers and librarians have compiled a list of “Highly Recommended Reads.” The books on this list will be available for students to check out at no cost at both branches of the Joliet Public library (no library card is necessary).

We understand the COVID-19 school closures have had an impact on access to print materials. In order to help students improve access to reading materials (including graphic novels, audiobooks and young-adult fiction and non-fiction), our media specialists have curated a list of online resources for access to highquality reading materials.

The links provided below include resources to help your student get started with their summer reading:

It is crucial to me that students have access to books they will enjoy reading throughout the summer. If you are unable to find a copy of a book that your student enjoys reading, please contact me directly and I will personally make sure you have access to a copy of a “Highly Recommended Read” or other high-interest reading material.

Happy reading!

Brian Conant
English Curriculum Director / 815-727-6985 / @JTHS_English