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Advanced Placement

AP scores are now available for you to access online. If you need more information about how to access your scores or need assistance sending your scores to colleges and universities, please visit the College Board at

The AP Program gives students a chance to experience college-level classes in high school and opens the door to earning college credit before ever setting foot on a college campus. You will get to dig deeper into subjects you love while building the skills and confidence you need to succeed in college.

Joliet Township High School offers a wide range of AP courses in all core subjects as well as the Arts, STEM, and World Language, each of which culminates in an optional exam in May. If you score a 3 or higher (on a scale of 1–5), you could earn college credit, skip intro-level courses, or both at thousands of U.S. colleges and universities. Earning credit in high school means paying for fewer credits in college. It also opens your schedule, allowing you to take more electives, pursue a second major, or study abroad.

Regardless of your AP Exam score, taking AP courses can have a positive impact on your college applications. Admissions officers know college faculty play a big role in developing AP courses, so they know students who took AP pushed themselves to take challenging, college-level courses. This is something colleges like to see.

Take some time to look through the AP courses we offer to see if any interest you. By taking these courses, you can find out what college work is like while you have the support of teachers you trust in an environment you know.

What is the differences between Honors and AP Classes? 

Honors Classes AP Classes
Challenge students more than College-Prep course  Regulated by the College Board
Prepare students for the rigors of an AP course Prepare students for introductory level college courses
Do not earn college credit Can earn college credit depending on exam grade

View Honor Courses Offered                            View AP Courses Offered

Since 2010, JTHS has experienced exponential growth in the number of students taking AP courses, exams, and scores of 3 or higher. The College Board recognized this growth in 2017 when it honored JTHS as the Advanced Placement School District of the Year for being the nation’s leader among small school districts in simultaneously expanding access to Advanced Placement courses and improving student performance.