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Companies in Quincy, Illinois are Hiring!

Companies in Quincy, IL need full-time employees. Currently, there are 700+ openings! They need individuals who are mechanically inclined and have the essential workplace skills needed to be successful. Quincy is in west central Illinois.  It is just close enough to be easily accessible to home yet far enough for young people to continue learning financial independence. We are a five (5) hour drive from Chicago, IL, 4.5 hours on Amtrak and one (1) hour on plane.  We are a two (2) hour drive from St. Louis, MO and 45 minutes on plane. And, we are a 1.5 hours from Springfield, IL.


Employees can look forward to the following:

·         A starting pay of $45,000 - $50,000 annually.

o    The cost of living in Quincy is -24% less than the U.S. average. 

o    Housing is -52% less than the U.S. average.

·         All of the companies offer at minimum paid vacation, medical insurance and too many other benefits to name.

·         An assigned mentor from the community. 

·         On the job training with at least two (2) career paths for the employee to follow.  The career path would lead to a promotion provided the employee meets the qualifications, is the best candidate for the position, and of course as promotions become available.  Manufacturing path or office path with the specific career path training to begin at the end of the completion of the first two (2) years.

·         The benefits from the for relocating to Quincy, IL.

·         Relocation dividend of $4,000 to be equally spaced and paid to the employee over the two (2) year period. A payment every six (6) months.



Manufacturing companies seeking employees include:

·         Gardner Denver Energy Products

·         Gates Air

·         Hollister Whitney Elevator Company

·         Knapheide Manufacturing Company

·         Manchester Tank

·         Phibro Animal Health

·         Titan International

Email for more info.