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Community Bulletin Board

JTHS 204 is happy to share information with our families and community. This electronic bulletin board is offered as a community service to provide a single location where friends of the school community are permitted to share information about events and opportunities that may be of interest to the community. If you have information you would like us to consider for posting, please send an email.

Mental Health Podcast for Teens

Rosecrance is introducing a new Podcast program called "On Your Radar," hosted by WGN radio personality John Williams.  Series 3 is called "Teens in Crisis" and discusses what teens are going through during the pandemic and their coping with returning to normalcy, long-term behavioral health implications, current clinical intervention methods, getting past "no," and healthy family systems. 

Family Resources

Cracking the Code is a guide to help parents, teachers and administrators navigate adolescent mental health during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to isolation and disruption of normal routines, research shows increased anxiety and depression rates among adolescents. Studies also show that adults among them are unsure of what signs to look for or how to help. Cracking the Code contains education about signs of mental distress and practical recommendations for helping youth during this difficult time.


DuPage County NAACP is offering our STEAM Scholars2 camp to scholars this summer. It is an innovative camp that will be held with a “Curiosity...about the Pandemic'' theme this year.

Fantasia 2022 Cotillion

Fantasia 2022 Informational - Hosted by Kappa Mu Omega
The Fantasia Cotillion is an event for high school girls where contestants participate in workshops, community service and more, culminating in a banquet on March 26, 2022. 

DISCLAIMER: POSTINGS ON THIS PAGE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH, SPONSORED BY, OR ENDORSED BY JOLIET TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL. All information posted on this Community Bulletin Board is subject to review and approval by JTHS before posting, and may be withdrawn at any time.