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West School Entry Procedures for Hybrid Students

Please note, if you are a parent and/or guardian of a student participating in the IPL program, additional information regarding your student’s schedule and the program is forthcoming from the building Special Education coordinator. 

A parent/guardian must pre-certify the student before he/she can enter the school.  Read the Pre-certification Instructions for Hybrid Students. Note:  You will not receive the pre-certification email from CrisisGo until the morning of your student’s in person attendance day. 

Bus Riders 
Students must wear masks on the bus, maintain 6 feet of distance, and sit one person to a bus seat, unless students reside in the same household. Bus routes are found on the Transportation Webpage. On the first in-person learning day, students should report to the bus stop at the pickup time listed for their route.   Students can ask their bus driver for a more exact pick-uptime. 

Buses will drop students off in front of the cafeteria and students will enter through door 5 and door 6. 

At dismissal, buses will depart from 3 different locations. 

Location 1: Larkin Turnaround south of E-Building.  Routes 30 – 40 and shuttle bus 
Location 2: Cafeteria area adjacent to teacher parking lot.  Routes 41 – 50 
Location 3: Exit lane between staff and senior parking lots.  Routes 51 - 62 

Students should memorize or write down their bus route number because they need it to find the bus they take home. 

Car Riders  
For buses to safely enter and exit after dropping off students and for staff to safely access their parking spaces, parents and students must not attempt to enter the lot in front of the cafeteria.   

When dropping off or picking up students, parents must enter by the tennis courts or through “Hello My Friend,” and use the four lanes in the center of the large lot in front of the Field House and west of G-building. 

Two-way traffic on “Hello My Friend” is in effect from the hours of 7:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.  This is the drive from Oneida Street that feeds into the school lot.  Two-way traffic on “Hello My Friend” creates another entrance for buses and student traffic during arrival, relieving some of the congestion on Glenwood Avenue. After school hours, “Hello My Friend” allows only one-way traffic leaving the campus.  The hours of one-way traffic are 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.  This relieves congestion in the parking lot at dismissal. 

Student Drivers 
A permit is required for students to park in the student lot.  Request a parking spot by completing the Parking Permit Request Form. Priority is given to seniors.  If your child drives, remind him/her to drive carefully and follow all rules.  Drivers enter through door 13.   

If your student walks to school, they enter through door 13 or door 1.  Please remind him/her to use the crosswalks and follow the traffic signals. 

Entering the Building 
When students enter the building, we scan their ID to obtain proof of pre-certification.  If a student forgot the ID at home or was not issued an ID yet, we have a plan in place. Students may enter the building at 7:45 a.m. and classes start at 8 a.m.  

Food & Drinks  
Food is not allowed.  Drinks are not allowed unless they are in a sealed container.  For example, a drink from McDonalds is not allowed, but a water bottle is. Exceptions are made in certain situations if we are notified by the Health Office of Special Services.  

School Meals
Students receive a bagged meal when they leave school on days they attend in-person.

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