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Volunteer Opportunity – Restorative Practices Problem Solving Circles

JTHS uses Restorative Practices Problem Solving Circles to work with students and their families to identify the root cause of student behavior that resulted in disciplinary measures so that the behavior is not repeated. We are expanding the program as an intervention for students who are chronically tardy or truant to intervene before the student is turned over to the truancy officer, expelled, or referred to an outside placement. As we expand the program, more volunteers are needed, and we can use your help. 
What Are Restorative Practices Circles?
When a student is identified for a circle, he/she participates in five 1-hour sessions with a support team consisting of the Problem Solving Circle Facilitator, a family member or trusted adult of the student’s choice, and a community volunteer. During the sessions, open conversation takes place applying the core principles of “what happened” to determine the “why it’s happening” (the root cause of the issue), then to suggest the appropriate supports for the student and the family. 
How Can You Help?
The role of the community volunteer is essential to the circle’s success due to the objective viewpoint that the volunteer provides.  Volunteers share their own experiences with the student and provide a welcoming presence of support and encouragement. 
What is the Volunteer Commitment?
The volunteer commits to participate in at least 2 Problem Solving Circles each semester. During the circle sessions, students get to know the volunteer and gain one more trusted adult in their life.   
How Do I Volunteer or Learn More?
To volunteer, please complete the PSC Volunteer Interest Form. You will receive a phone call and additional information once the form is submitted.   
Thank you for your consideration.
Greg Thompson
PSC Facilitator & Dean of Students

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