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View Your Hybrid or Remote Learning Group

Dear Parents and Students, 
You can now log on to Campus Parent and Campus Student to view your student’s Hybrid Learning Group or if your student is in the Remote Learning Group.   
To view your student’s learning group, select Today from the menu options.  The student’s learning group is below the student number. 

Hybrid Students 
Hybrid students will attend school in-person following the Hybrid Learning Schedule.  The first in-person day for Hybrid Group A is Monday, March 8.  Group B’s first day is Tuesday, March 9.  Group C attends in-person for the first time on Wednesday, March 10.  If you wish to switch from hybrid to remote, contact your student’s counselor.  You will receive instructions for entering the building in an email next week. 
Remote Students 
Remote students continue learning online for the rest of the school year.  If your student is in the Remote Learning Group, it is for one or more of the reasons below: 

  1. You selected the remote learning option when you took the survey. 
  2. You did not compete the survey, and your student was placed in the remote group. 
  3. Proof of vaccination was not submitted by the December deadline. 

For more information about remote and hybrid learning, visit our website. 

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