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Superintendent’s Message – September 10, 2021

Dear Parents and Students, 
I know that that there are many things that we as parents may not agree on, but I do believe that most of us agree that it is important to keep students in-person for school and that is what we are trying to do at JTHS.  We are also trying to keep extra-curricular opportunities available to students because we know how important they are to students and families. Thank you for your cooperation as we have rolled out mitigations to keep students and staff in-person and as safe as we can.  One of these mitigations is our SHIELD saliva testing.  The SHIELD test identifies pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals, which means that they can potentially quarantine before they begin transmitting the virus. All students, regardless of vaccination status, can participate in SHIELD testing. To opt your student in for testing, complete the form HERE.  By opting in to SHEILD testing, a student can participate in the test to stay option if they are identified as a close contact and stay in person for learning as long as they follow the protocol and test negative for COVID.   View key facts about the SHIELD test HERE
JTHS Board of Education Appoints Garrett Beene & Dan Coffey as Board Members 
At the September 8, 2021 special meeting, the Joliet Township High School Board of Education appointed Garrett Beene & Dan Coffey to fill the seats vacated by Jim Allison and David Skorupa.  Beene and Coffey begin their terms on the Board of Education effective immediately.  We warmly welcome Mr. Beene and Mr. Coffey, and we are grateful for their commitment to our district.  To read the biographies of the JTHS Board of Education, including its newest members, visit: 

Student Fee Waiver 
There have been many questions about student fees.  Student fees are not automatically waived if you are not certified through SNAP, TANF, FOSTER or MEDICAID.  There is some confusion because students were automatically given free meals this year without an application.  You still need to apply for the fee waiver because you will not receive this automatically.  In addition, completing the application process and qualifying for free or reduced meals at a JTHS sender school does not extend to the high school.  You must fill out the free and reduced meal application specifically for Joliet Township High School.  To apply for the fee waiver, complete the Free and Reduced Meal Application  
Give Back Career Program Information Meetings 
The Give Back Career program is geared towards students planning to attend community college to prepare for a career, enter the trades, obtain certifications and/or an Associate degree.  The Give Back Career program is open to 8th, 9th, and 10th grade students. Students must be Pell eligible and maintain a C average or higher.  Program participants receive access to scholarships, mentorship, and career exploration. Give Back is presenting an information session at Joliet Central High school on Monday, September 13 at 6 p.m. in the Student Center cafeteria.  Students and parents from Central, West and Pathways are invited to attend.  If parents and students cannot attend the in-person meeting, they can register to attend a Zoom session on September 15 at 6 p.m. Register in advance at: 
More info HERE
Student Opportunity - Will County Health Department Youth Panel 
JTHS students can participate in a youth panel to discuss health and education.  Meetings are virtual and student participants receive incentives such as gift cards, chrome books or a Disney Plus subscription.  More info HERE
Parent/Guardian Opportunity – Will County Health Department Parent Panel (Sexual Health) 
Parents of JTHS students can participate in a parent panel to help advocate for what their child needs when it comes to sexual health.  Incentives to join include Walmart, Aldi, Amazon, and Panera gift cards.  More info HERE.  
Have a great weekend. 
Dr. Karla Guseman 

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