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Joliet Township High School is seeking volunteers for the Restorative Practices Problem Solving Circle Program.   
What is the Problem Solving Circle Program?
The Problem Solving Circle Program supports students who have been placed on Behavior Warning for actions that could lead to Expulsion.  Through this program, students can earn their way off the Behavior Warning List by participating in a Restorative Practices Problem Solving Circle for several consecutive weeks.  The program is designed to address the root cause of the student’s actions; therefore, preventing the actions from being repeated.   
What Are the Duties of the Problem Solving Circle Volunteer?

The Restorative Practices Problem Solving Circle Program is grounded in an understanding that relationships are at the core of what it means to be human.  The healthier the relationships, the stronger we are, both individually and as a community.  This is why we need community volunteers! The role of the volunteer is to participate in circle with a Certified Problem Solving Circle Facilitator; the student whose actions led to the Behavior Warning; their parent(s) or guardian(s); and an invited guest of the student, for example, a teacher, pastor, aunt or uncle.  During the circle, the facilitator guides a discussion addressing the cause of the behavior.  Having an impartial and supportive volunteer from our community provides comfort to all participants and is an important part of the restorative practice. 
How Do I Become a Volunteer?
Volunteer training is scheduled for May 25 from 8:30 to 3:30 p.m. at the JTHS Administrative Center, 300 Caterpillar Drive in Joliet.  Breakfast and lunch are provided.  Contact Greg Thompson at gthompson@jths.og  or (815) 727-6946 to sign up as a volunteer. 
View the Problem Solving Circle Brochure (English) or Problem Solving Circle Volunteer (Spanish) for additional information about the program. 
The Restorative Practices Problem Solving Circle Program is an extension to the Joliet Region Interfaith Education Council (JRIEC), which is now known as the Joliet Region Education Community Connectors.  JRECC is a group of community and faith-based leaders who meet quarterly with administration to share communication and support JTHS students and families. 

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