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Alerts for Missing Assignments and Grades

Parents & Students,

Beginning today, every Thursday after 4 p.m., parents and students will receive an Infinite Campus alert and an email with a list of any missing assignments that the students have.  This includes homework, quizzes, projects, and tests. Teachers will code anything missing with an M. Students should make up all assignments on this list. It is important to note that teachers may assign due dates for re-dos and missing assignments to make sure that students are learning the content for the class and getting good grades on exams.  So, for the students reading this email, we want you to know that this means that you cannot stop doing your assignments and then expect to make them up the week before Report Cards come out.  This will not be an option.

In addition to the list of missing assignments, parents and students will receive an Infinite Campus Alert and email with a grade report for all classes every Monday afternoon.  This report contains the most up-to-date class grades for students, and we encourage parents to discuss this report with their students and to reach out to teachers or sign up for tutoring if extra help is needed. 

Our Grading Philosophy
Why do we allow students to make up missing assignments and re-do work for a higher grade?  Because at JTHS, we believe that students learn at different rates, in different ways, and in a variety of different settings.  It is not about the grade; it is about what the students learns.  In fact, with our philosophy of re-doing work and making up missing assignments, we expect all students to be honor roll students.  It is about the student’s effort and taking advantage of this opportunity.  Students learn more by correctly completing their assignments, which is what assignments are designed to do.  This should result in students getting higher grades on their tests because they have learned the content.

Every Thursday at 4 PM – Just in Time to Get Extra Help
We are sending the list of missing assignments every Thursday at 4 PM so that students can make a plan with their teacher on how they are going to complete their missing assignments.  This plan can include taking advantage of Teacher Office Hours, which take place when the school day ends.  Students can also sign up for Online Tutoring.  With the Online Tutoring Program, students can sign up for tutoring at a time that is convenient for them, such as nights and weekends.  We designed this program so that the student’s schedule would not prevent him/her receiving help.  We know that many of our students work and have additional responsibilities and not just school.  Students, if you need help, please sign up for tutoring.  We know that this program works, and that participation will improve your grade.  Eighty percent of the Semester 1 students who started the program ended up passing the class they received tutoring in.  This is a high success rate, and we want all our students to experience success in all their classes.

To request an Online Tutoring appointment, CLICK HERE.

Semester 1 Credit Recovery – Gateways to Graduation
Another opportunity is available to students who received an F in an English, Math, Social Science or Science class last semester.  These students and their parents should email the student’s school counselor to see if they at eligible to enroll in the Gateways to Graduation Credit Recover Program.  This program allows students to work with a teacher to develop an online Individualized Learning Plan so that they can raise their failing grade through completing missing work and re-taking tests for a higher grade.  Students complete this online program at their own pace.  The program ends May 14, but students can finish the program earlier, as soon as they finish their Individual Learning Plan.  Upon successful completion of the course, the student will receive credit toward graduation.  Please note that an F will still appear on the report card even though credit is given.  If students wish to take a course for a higher grade, they can enroll in Summer School.

Contact your student’s school counselor for more information about this program.

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