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WHO: All English 2 students are REQUIRED to complete the Job Shadowing Experience.
WHAT: Observing someone at work and Learning what is involved in a typical work day.
WHERE: A location selected by you or the school based on your future career plans
WHEN: All Job Shadowing needs to be completed before April 23, 2020
HOW LONG: Your Job Shadowing Experience needs to be 2-4 consecutive‚Äč hours.

Job Shadowing Packet

English 2 Connection: After your job shadowing experience, you will compile your photos, interview question responses, and narrative piece into a multimedia presentation summarizing your job shadowing experience.  This multimedia presentation serves as the Summative Assessment for Unit 4B in all English 2 classes.  The due date for this assessment is up to your English 2 teacher. 

This Year's Deadlines: 
Option Survey:
  November 20, 2018
Job Shadowing Experience: April 16, 2019
Completion Survey: April 16, 2019
English 2 Summative Assessment: Deadlines Set by English 2 Teachers