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Job Shadowing Process

WHO: All English 2 students are REQUIRED to complete the Job Shadowing Experience.
WHAT: Observing someone at work and Learning what is involved in a typical work day.
WHERE: A location selected by you or the school based on your future career plans
WHEN: All Job Shadowing needs to be completed before April 23, 2020
HOW LONG: Your Job Shadowing Experience needs to be 2-4 consecutive‚Äč hours.

Job Shadowing Packet

Before Job Shadowing
In order to better serve your needs, you will be required to select three career areas you are interested in possibly pursuing.  These interests will determine possible career partners for your job shadowing experience.  Then, you need to select a Job Shadowing Option.  The three options are outlined below. 

During the Job Shadowing Experience

  • Dress PROFESSIONALLY (business casual- no t-shirts, ripped jeans, hoodies)
  • Arrive to the site ON TIME
  • Bring your Job Shadowing packet with you to the site
  • Interview your employer with the provided questions
  • Be courteous and respectful at ALL times
  • THANK your site host prior to leaving

After Your Job Shadowing Experience 
Once you have completed your job shadowing experience, you need to fill out the Completion Survey.  In order to earn credit, you MUST submit the survey.  Hold on to your interview questions and responses as these will be used for your English 2 Summative Assessment. Send a Thank You note or e-mail to your site host(s) thanking them for the opportunity.