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JTHS Partnerships

Joliet Township High School District 204 believes that it is important for the development of our students, and the broader local community, to involve outside businesses and organizations in the educational process.  To that end, we offer numerous opportunities throughout the year for community members to partner with our staff in preparing our students for post-secondary opportunities.  The tabs on this page outline the ways individuals and organizations can partner with JTHS to help prepare our students for life after High School.  For more information, or to sign up to help, please complete the form at the bottom of this page or contact our Director of Strategic Partnerships, Brett Marcum. 

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Partnership Opportunities

Career Exploration

There are numerous opportunities throughout the year for community members to speak to JTHS students about careers and professions. Career Fairs are for Freshman students to explore booths and receive information to inform their career academy choice.  Community members are invited to set up a booth and speak to students about their profession. We also invite community members to visit our campuses to speak to students about their careers.  Guest speakers can participate in Academy Weeks at the campuses or speak to a class which addresses their professional field. 

Job Shadowing

Every student enrolled in English 2 is required to complete a job shadowing experience. The goal of job shadowing is to expose students to a real-world work environment.  Individual Partners determine how many students may shadow and when students can visit. 

Business Partner commitments include: 

  • Communicate name of site host, phone number, address, directions, date and time, and appropriate dress to student/s 
  • Provide the recommended 2-4 consecutive hours job shadowing experience 
  • Instruct the student in proper safety procedures for the workplace 
  • Provide an opportunity for observing the daily operations of the workplace 
  • Provide an opportunity with the site host for a question/answer session focusing on performance expectations related to the career 
  • Discuss the expectations and level of education required for employment in the career field  

Program Sponsorships

JTHS is seeking community business partners to sponsor or co-sponsor student participation in three Dual Enrollment programs offered in conjunction with Joliet Junior College: 

NA 101 (Certified Nurse Assistant)   

  • Students who successfully complete the program are eligible to sit for the State Competency Exam.  If they pass the exam they can become a CNA in the state of Illinois. 
  • Students participate in the program after school or on weekends. 

  • One Semester Program which includes classroom and clinical experiences. 

AIM (Advanced Integrated Maintenance) 

  • Students will earn 13 college credits while being prepared for careers in the advanced manufacturing sector. 
  • Dual Enrollment: 

  • Partial Day attendance at both JJC and JTHS campuses. 

  • Students receive academic credit from both educational institutions. 

  • Two Semester Program (Four courses total). 

Fire Science/EMS

  • Students will earn 10 college credits while building skills and awareness in fire science and emergency medical services. 
  • Dual Enrollment: 
  • Partial Day attendance at both JJC and JTHS campuses. 
  • Students receive credits from both educational institutions. 
  • Two Semester Program (Three courses total). 

The district pays a fee for each student enrolled in the dual credit programs: 

  • NA 101 - $1,200 per student 
  • AIM - $2,500 per student 
  • Fire Science/EMS - $1,600 per student 

Student Internship

The JTHS Strategic Plan includes an increased focus on work-based learning experiences that involve interactions between students and industry professionals to prepare students for post-secondary opportunities.  

Each individual business partner has the flexibility to create an internship that fits their specific business model and organizational parameters. Job Description, guidelines, and requirements will be established collaboratively between the business partner and the school district. 

Students should be given appropriate compensation (determined by the business partner) for the assigned work. The district can help identify a pool of potential student interns for each position and will work with the business partner to find the best fit. 

JTHS would like to thank our current Internship Partners: 

  • Blue Ribbon Products 

  • Cadence Logistics 

  • Nanophase 

  • Martin Whalen Office Solutions 

  • TCBY Shorewood

  • JTHS Technology Department 


Brett Marcum

Brett Marcum

Director of Strategic Partnerships