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Alternate School

The goal of the Joliet Township Alternate School is to work with special education students to improve student behavior while maintaining high academic expectations. Alternate School students must meet the same graduation requirements that are required of those students who attend both Joliet West and Joliet Central High Schools.

The intensive services provided by the Alternate School are intended to help facilitate a transition back to the main campus for all students who meet the criteria. Students' emotional needs are addressed along with their academic instruction being provided by special education teachers.. Each student is seen by their social worker individually and/or in groups to address their individual education plan.

A linkage is created between the school and home. A Behavior Intervention Plan is developed for each student to address their individual behavioral needs. Parents are requested and encouraged to attend annual IEP conferences to discuss their child's academic and emotional needs. Frequent contact is made between the school and home to discuss both positive behavior and any behavioral concerns.

LaTanya Harris

Director of the Alternate School

Beverly Broadway

Office Staff