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Special Services

In keeping with the vision and mission of the district, we are committed to providing services to students in the district who have individual and unique needs in a positive learning environment that partners with families and community.

Special Service programs include special education, home/hospital instruction, homeless education, and educational services at River Valley Detention Center. These programs provide students with instruction, social emotional supports, as well as other resources that enable students to acquire skills and knowledge that will prepare them to become lifelong learners and empower them to be successful responsible citizens of Joliet as well as in a global information driven society.

Joliet Township High School provides a free appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment and the necessary related services to all children with disabilities enrolled in the District, as required by the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA).

For students eligible for services under IDEA, Joliet Township High School shall follow procedures for identification, evaluation, placement, and delivery of services to children with disabilities provided within the Illinois State Board of Education school code and regulations.

An Individual Education Plan (IEP), which includes transitional services and determines the least restrictive environment to meet the individual needs of the student, will be developed and implemented by the IEP team which includes, parents/guardians, students, and staff. In addition, to providing academic supports, the district provides related services at the Central, West, and Alternate school campuses to further assist students' educational needs. Joliet Township District 204 provides a continuum of services based on the needs of the individual student with an IEP, which are determined by the IEP team.

Iman Ellis-Bowen

Director of Special Services

Brigitte Garay

Office Staff

Tracey Ivan

Speech-Language Pathologist

Tara McNeal


April Morgan

Alternative Services Facilitator

Cynthia Palya

Office Staff

Resources and Information


This program is provided to students with a health or physical impairment, which in the opinion of a licensed medical examiner, will cause an extended absence from school and whom school personnel determine can benefit educationally from such a program.

Homeless Education

A “homeless child” is defined by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act. A homeless child's parent(s) or guardian(s) have lost permanent residence and my now live with friends or family, in a shelter, motel, car or other place that is not a conventional place to reside.  Each child of a homeless individual and each unaccompanied homeless youth have equal access to the same free appropriate public education as provided to other children and youth.  A homeless child may attend the district school that the child attended when permanently housed or the district school in which the child last enrolled.  A homeless child living in any JTHS District school's attendance area may attend that school.

The District's Homeless Liaisons are available to address any questions and/or concerns regarding homeless students. 

For more information please visit:

District Homeless Liaison
Iman Ellis-Bowen
Central Campus Liaisons
John Randich Jr.
(815) 727-6736
West Campus Liaisons
Patty Sewing 
(815) 774-1676
Alternate School Liaison
Alexandra Fotopoulos
(815) 727-6997



Public Notice: New Changes In Special Education Legislation and District Procedures

On August 23, 2019, Governor Pritzker signed HB 3586.  HB 3586 is legislation that states all Illinois public school districts will have to adhere to additional requirements related to the provision of special education. 

As a result of HB 3586, Joliet Township District 204 will provide parents/guardians a draft of written materials that will be considered before the meeting.  Final decisions regarding your child’s eligibility for special education services or the content of your child’s IEP will be discussed with you and the IEP team and decided during the meeting. Draft copies of the written materials to be discussed at the IEP meeting are intended to provide you an opportunity to review materials and recommendations of school personnel prior to the meeting. Any proposed document sent before the meeting is not final and is subject to any changes as determined by the IEP team at the designated meeting.

In addition, if your child has an IEP, related services may be provided as designated by his/her IEP.  Related services are recorded and maintained in services logs that include the date of service and the number of minutes of each provider. These service logs are part of your child’s temporary record. If applicable, a copy of your child’s related service logs will be available for review at the IEP meeting or upon written request by email to your child’s case manager or building special services department.

Letters will be sent home regarding the information stated above.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Special Services Office at 815-727-6986 or via email at