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Safety & Security

Joliet Township High School believes in a proactive approach to school security. Our 45-member team, along with School Resource Officers (SRO’s) are responsible for the safety and security of students, staff, guests, and property within the boundaries of JTHS. Remember, everyone can contribute greatly to school safety and security by simply saying something if you see something. There are many ways to notify us such as reaching out to a staff member, using the Contact Us feature on the website, or emailing You can also report concerns anonymously to the School Violence Tip Line by calling 1-800-477-0024

Mission: To create a safe and secure environment for all students, staff, and guests that is conducive to learning, teaching, and networking thereby maximizing every student’s potential to positively impact our community and thrive in a global society.


Edward Johnson

Director Of Safety And Security

Gina Pesavento

Office Staff

Central Campus

Alfred Warren

Annette Duke-Williams

Barney Mines

Carmen Garcia

Derrick Martin

Frederick Johnson

Johnise Herndon

Kaylee Jenkins

Larry Pennuto

Marcus Cambic

Marcus Dase

Mary Musgrove

Mike Teresi

Ranea Ratliff

Rick Spiers

Rose Zavala

Rudy Arana

Weems McCullum

West Campus

Joe Luckey

Security Supervisor

Allen Kurtz

Artemio Hernandez

Eloy Zavala

Everree Valentine

Gail Smith

Jane Stengele

Sherri Johnson

Khristy Maberry

LaMellis McCormick

Laura Walsh

Maria Souza

Monica Sutter

Paul Morgan

Rodney Hutchins

Shamere Thompson

Tim Schreiber

Travaughn Bosby