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Food Services

The cafeteria provides quality breakfast and lunch selections each day. Students pay $3.00 for a full lunch meal and $2.00 for a full breakfast. The district participates in the National School Lunch Program and is monitored by the Illinois State Board of Education and the Will County Health Department. Parents and students must create a pre-paid account through the MySchoolBucks web site. By prepaying, parents can assure lunch money is being used for school meals, reduce worries about forgetting or losing money, limit the amount used each day and specify if additional food can be purchased. Cash is not accepted in the cafeteria. Students must use the MySchoolBucks system. Refunds will be issued based on the refund policy. Menus change on a daily basis, although some items are available each day.

Brian Furczyk

Titles: Supervisor
Locations: Joliet Central

Robert Stedronsky

Titles: Supervisor
Locations: Joliet West

Brian Shaw

Director of Support Services
Transportation Center

Menus and Forms

The online application system will be available July 17, 2020. Instructions concerning free and reduced-price applications will be mailed TBD. 


El sistema de solicitud en línea estará disponible el 17 de julio de 2020. Las instrucciones sobre las aplicaciones para el almuerzo gratuito o a precio reducido se enviarán por correo.


Cashless System

Joliet Township High School District uses a prepaid point of sale system called Cash is not accepted in the cafeteria. All students and staff should create and fund a lunch account online at Deposits are also accepted through the school Textbook Center/Cashier Office. Your students name and ID number should be included with deposits. All deposits take 24-hours to be processed, so the funds will not be available to use until the next school day. To purchase meals, individuals scan their District ID to deduct the meal cost from their prepaid balance.