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Scheduling Information


  1. Students will receive registration materials during the first semester so that parents will have the opportunity to discuss with their students the career academy options and course selections. Parents are encouraged to discuss course plans with students and select preliminary course requests.
  2. Each student will meet with the counselor to complete scheduling. Students and parents can view finalized course requests using the online portal through Infinite Campus.
  3. Any questions regarding the course selections should be addressed to the counselor.
  4. All requests for schedule changes must be received by the designated deadline.

Schedule Change Requests 
Because the registration process for the next school year begins early in the school year, ample time is allowed for careful planning by counselors, parents and students. Parents will have an adequate amount of time to review the student’s course requests. Once the deadline for changes in course requests has passed, students are permitted to make changes to requests or schedules only when the changes fall within the established guidelines listed below:

  1. A change due to summer school attendance.
  2. A change due to a failure in the prerequisite for the course a student has requested.
  3. A change due to an unresolved scheduling conflict.
  4. A change related to health problems. A written statement from the student’s physician is required.
  5. A change made to correct a scheduling error made by the school staff.
  6. Level changes are only made for the next academic school year and require a recommendation from the current core content teacher. Level change documents must be signed by the core content teacher and the appropriate District Curriculum Director before they are submitted to the counselor for consideration.

Students who fail a course may only repeat a course one additional time during the regular school day.

Options for recovering credit include:

  1. Summer School - highly recommended due to the consistency with JTHS curriculum
  2. Correspondence Course - credit limit of two (2) per School Board Policy 6:310
  3. JTHS Gateway to Graduation Program - if available