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Grade Point Average (GPA) (Board Policy 6:330)

Courses are designated as either weighted or unweighted. A weighted grade system is used at JTHS to compute Grade Point Average (GPA).  Weighted grades take into account both student achievement and course difficulty.  A grade weight is given to each course based upon its relative difficulty.

The following two-tiered weighting system will be used to compute Grade Point Average (GPA).
Unweighted Courses                                            Weighted Courses
A             4                                                             A             5
B             3                                                             B             4
C             2                                                             C             3
D             1                                                             D             2
F             0                                                             F             0

Grades are assigned numeric equivalents as follows:

A = 4 points    B = 3 points    C = 2 points    D = 1 point   F = 0 points

The grading system used for progress and semester reports is as follows for all students:

  100         -              90           =             A             59 and Below = F                 
 89           -              80           =             B             I = Incomplete                     
79           -              70           =             C             WP = Withdrawal Passing 
69           -              60           =             D                                                         

Students receiving an “I” have two (2) weeks in which to complete the work.  It is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher with regard to completion of course requirements.  If the requirements are not completed within two weeks, the grade becomes an automatic “F”.

Students withdrawing from a class AFTER the first nine weeks of a semester, will receive a “WP” if passing the class at the time of withdrawing and an “F” if failing at the time of withdrawal.  Student permanent records reflect semester grades only.

Academic Recognition (Board Policy 6:280)

JTHS has adopted a system of Cum Laude recognition based on the following GPA.:
3.5 to 3.74  =  Cum Laude
3.75 to 3.99  =  Magna Cum Laude
4.0  =  Summa Cum Laude