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Board of Education
Mr. Frank Edmon, Jr., President
Mrs. Michelle Stiff, Vice-President
Mrs. Lorraine Guerrero Neumayer, Secretary
Mr. Garrett Beene
Mr. Dan Coffey
Mr. Matthew Kennedy
Mrs. Christine Lynn

Dr. Karla J. Guseman
Mrs. Dianne McDonald
Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services

Mr. Shad Hallihan                            Dr. Teresa Gibson
Principal, Central Campus               Principal, West Campus

Sean Hackney         Director of Curriculum (English) 815-727-6985               
Brett Marcum Director of Curriculum (Fine Arts) 815-727-1765
Corinne Zimmerman Director of Curriculum (Science & Applied Life) 815-727-1073
Christopher McGuffey      Director of Curriculum (Career & Technical Education)   815-774-1655
Nicole McMorris Director of Curriculum (Mathematics)   815-774-1611
Paul Oswald Director of Curriculum (ESL, Social Science & World Lang.)          815-727-6806