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Board of Education Overview


Board of Education Mission Statement

The mission of Joliet Township High School, a historically rich, unified and innovative learning community, is to empower every student to compete and contribute positively to our community and global society by providing a rigorous and personalized education through an academy environment.

In the State of Illinois, the local school districts were created by the state legislature to execute the educational policy as defined in the constitution as a state government function.

The Board of Education has specific duties and responsibilities to fulfill. Among them are:

  • Selection of the Superintendent of Schools
  • Establishment of general policies for the school system
  • Employment of school personnel upon recommendation of the superintendent
  • Adoption of the annual budget and approval of all expenditures
  • Informing the public of the needs and progress of the educational system
  • Exercising the legislative power conferred or implied by legislature in administering school functions.

The Joliet Township High School District 204 Board of Education consists of seven citizens of the school district, each of whom is elected for a four-year term. Any adult resident may run for election to the board providing he or she meets certain legal qualifications. School board members serve without pay.