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Blended Learning

JTHS blended learning opportunities challenge and empower students to become active learners through both face to face and on-line instruction. This format allows students more flexibility and control over when they choose to learn. In addition, the blended learning structure exposes students to the online learning environments they are likely to experience in college as well as the work-place. Courses currently being offered include:

Remote Education Plan

All students who wish to participate in a blended learning course are required to completed Remote Education Plan.  The Remote Education Plan describes the responsibilities and expectations for  blended learning courses and must be signed by students and their parents or guardians. This Remote Education Plan form will be distributed to students after enrollment in a blended course has been confirmed. 

Program Goals

  • Provide innovative alternatives of teaching and learning to challenge students and improve student engagement in the learning process.
  • Offer flexible learning arrangements to better meet the needs of all students, giving students personalized instruction and greater individual autonomy as they learn.
  • Enhancement of students’ digital literacy skills as well as content knowledge.

Video: JTHS West students describe the blended learning experience.

Responsibilities for Students and Parents

  • Enroll in a course offered as a Blended Learning course
  • Take the Self Evaluation for Potential Online Students assessment to see if the online portion of Blended Learning will fit your circumstances, lifestyle and educational needs
  • Have readily available internet access while not at school
  • Maintain an appropriate attendance, discipline and academic record
  • Have a school issued device