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Academics Overview

District 204 curriculum has been developed through the collaborative efforts of our certified staff and aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards. As students successfully complete our recommended course sequence in the core academic subjects, they are provided with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in their post-secondary institutions and/or career fields.

Our curriculum is delivered through a two tiered academic system that includes College Prep and Honors. We understand that every career does not require a college education, but we also know that the world of work requires college level knowledge and skills.

We have developed Programs of Study which will help students and parents select the most appropriate classes in their career interest pathway. In addition, we are increasing the number of dual credit and Advanced Placement courses so that our students will have an opportunity to earn college credit as they complete their high school coursework.

Our goal is to provide students with a rigorous and relevant academic foundation to ensure a successful transition from high school to post secondary education or the workforce.

Curriculum Office

Brian Conant

Brian Conant

Curriculum Director, English and Fine Arts
Brett Marcum

Brett Marcum

Director of Strategic Partnerships
Dianne McDonald

Dianne McDonald

Curriculum Director, Science, Applied Life and Assessment
Christopher McGuffey

Christopher McGuffey

Curriculum Director, Career & Technical Education
Nicole McMorris

Nicole McMorris

Curriculum Director, Mathematics
Paul Oswald

Paul Oswald

Curriculum Director, ESL, Social Science and World Languages

Physical Education Requirements

A. All students must be enrolled in and must pass a Physical Education class each semester that they are enrolled in day school.

  1.  Students enrolled in Health in lieu of one semester of sophomore Physical Education
  2.  Students enrolled in Driver Education 

B. Students may apply for an approved exemption from Physical Education if they meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Enrollment in Marching Band program for credit;

  2. Enrollment in Reserve Officer's Training Corps (ROTC) program sponsored by the District;

  3. Ongoing participation in an interscholastic athletic program (student must be in the 11th or 12th grade);

  4. Enrollment in academic classes that are required for admission to an institution of higher learning (student must be in the 11th or 12th grade);

  5. Enrollment in academic classes that are required for graduation from high school, provided that failure to take such classes will result in the pupil being unable to graduate (student must be in the 11th or 12th grade).


The semester grade will be determined by averaging the eighteen week grading period with the final exam.

100 - 90 = A  
89 - 80 = B I = Incomplete
79 - 70 = C  WP = Withdrawal Passing
69 - 60 = D  
59 and below = F  


Students receiving an "I" have two (2) weeks in which to complete the work. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher with regard to completion of course requirements. If the requirements are not completed within two weeks, the grade becomes an automatic "F."

Students withdrawing from a class AFTER the first nine weeks of a semester, will receive a "WP" if passing the class at the time of withdrawing and an "F" if failing at the time of withdrawal. Student permanent records reflect semester grades only.

Grade Point Average (GPA) - All courses will count in determining a student’s grade point average. Courses are designed as either weighted or unweighted. A weighted grade system is used at J.T.H.S to compute Grade Point Average (G.P.A.). Weighted grades take into account both student achievement and course difficulty. A grade weight is given to each course based upon its relative difficulty.

The following two-tiered weighting system will be used to compute Grade Point Average (G.P.A.).

Un-weighted Courses Weighted Courses
A          4 A        5
B          3 B        4
C          2 C        3
D          1 D        2
F          0 F        0


Academic Recognition
J.T.H.S. has adopted a system of Cum Laude recognition based on the following G.P.A.:

3.5  - 3.74 = Cum Laude
3.75 - 3.99 = Magna Cum Laude
4.0 = Summa Cum Laude

Home Access Center
We strongly encourage all parents to monitor progress on a regular basis through the Home Access Center (H.A.C.). HAC is accessible over the internet and provides current information regarding students such as attendance, class work, discipline, interim progress, notes, registration, report card, schedule and transcript to students and their parents/guardians. Also, links are provided throughout for contacting each student’s teachers and counselor by email. Online help is available by clicking on “Help” in the upper right hand corner.

HAC is available at or you can use the dropdown “Quick Links” option available in the upper right hand corner of our website at For assistance, students can go to their main office and parents/guardians can either contact the Computer Services helpdesk by emailing or by calling 815-774-7800.

Progress Reports - Progress reports will occur after six and twelve weeks.

College Entrance Requirements

Students planning to enter a four-year university or who plan to enroll in a community college transfer degree program should complete the following recommended course of study:






4 (including Algebra, Geometry, advanced Math)


3 (must be laboratory sciences)

Social Science


Each college has its own entrance requirements, it is essential that parents and students carefully review the specific requirements for admission to the colleges being considered.

Scheduling Information

  1. Students will receive registration information during the first semester so that parents will have the opportunity to discuss with their students the career academy options and course selections.
  2. Each student will meet with the counselor to complete scheduling.  Students will be given a copy of their course selections to take home to their parents.
  3. Any questions regarding the course selections should be addressed to the counselor.
  4. All requests for schedule changes must be received by the designated deadline.

Schedule Change Requests

Because the registration process for the next school year begins early in the school year, ample time is allowed for careful planning by counselors, parents, and students.  Parents will have an adequate amount of time to review the student's schedule.  Once students schedules are finalized by the deadline in the spring, students are permitted to make changes only when the changes fall within the established guidelines listed below:

  1. A change due to summer school attendance.
  2. A change due to a failure in the prerequisite for the course a student has requested.
  3. A change due to an unresolved scheduling conflict.
  4. A change due to health problems.  A written statement from the student's physician is required.
  5. A change made to correct a scheduling error made by the school staff.
  6. Level changes are only made for the next academic school year and require a recommendation from the current core content teacher.  Level change documents must be signed by the core content teacher and the guidance counselor before they are submitted to the appropriate District Curriculum Director for consideration.


Beginning with the Class of 2011, students who fail a course may only repeat a course one additional time during the regular school day.

Credit Recovery Options

  1. Summer School - highly recommended due to the consistency with J.T.H.S. curriculum
  2. Correspondence Course - credit limit of two (2) per School Board Policy 6:310
  3. J.T.H.S. Credit Recovery Program - if available