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Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Team photo

Joliet Township High School Strategic Plan
The Joliet Township High School Strategic Plan is a comprehensive document that identifies the district’s mission, objectives, strategies, parameters, and beliefs. The plan charts the future of the district and is a living document that is used to improve our schools. Every decision the district makes directly relates to the Strategic Plan, and all district and school improvement plans are directly aligned to the plan.

The Strategic Plan is a five-year plan; however, it is reviewed yearly and Periodic Updates and Renewals are held to make revisions that may be necessary due to changes in society, legislation or circumstances of the district.

At JTHS, each strategy contains a set of action plans that have specific steps written to accomplish the district’s objectives. Every summer, the JTHS superintendent and administrative team review each set of action plans to assess progress and to determine implementation for the upcoming school year. JTHS administrators are responsible for action plan implementation and are evaluated annually based upon Strategic Planning progress.

The Strategic Planning Process
The JTHS Strategic Planning process is led by an external facilitator to ensure an objective point-of-view. The Strategic Plan and all associated action plans are written collaboratively by diverse groups of individuals comprised of parents, students, teachers, administrators, Board of Education and community members. The collaborative approach to Strategic Planning ensures that all JTHS stakeholder groups are represented. This group is truly a microcosm of our community. 

Strategic Planning History
2018-19 Strategic Plan Progress

2015-2021 Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

The mission of Joliet Township High School, a historically rich, unified and innovative learning community, is to empower every student to compete and contribute positively to our community and global society by providing a rigorous and personalized education through an academy environment.

JTHS Diversity Statement
Joliet Township High School District 204 is committed to cultivating an inclusive community that values and embraces diversity and respects the humanity of all people.


We Believe:

  • Every human being possesses inherent worth.
  • Individuals are responsible for their own actions.
  • Diversity strengthens and enriches society.
  • Life-long learning is necessary to thrive in a continuously changing world.
  • People learn at different rates, in different ways, and in a variety of settings.
  • High expectations positively influence performance.
  • Motivation, perseverance, hard work, and a positive attitude strengthen the ability of an individual to reach potential.
  • The family environment has a strong influence on the development of each of its members.
  • Education is a shared responsibility among students, family, staff, and the community.
  • An educated public sustains our democracy.
  • Empathy, honesty, integrity and respect are essential in building and maintaining mutual trust.
  • A safe environment is essential for every individual.
  • High quality schools are essential to the quality of life for the whole community.
  • All people can learn.


  • Every student will meet or exceed annual growth targets as measured by classroom, district and standardized assessments.
  • The graduation rate will be 90% or higher.
  • By the year 2018, every student will develop and implement a challenging Individual Career Plan (ICP) to prepare for a successful transition to further education and a career endeavor of choice.
  • All students will consistently demonstrate the character attributes of Confidence, Compassion, Responsibility, Tolerance, Respect, Integrity and Perseverance.


  1. We will use data to personalize instruction and support in order to motivate and engage students to achieve identified growth targets, complete their Individual Career Plan (ICP) and graduate.
  2. We will ensure all JTHS personnel use effective internal and external communication to create a welcoming environment that develops positive relationships and engages all stakeholders in improving student achievement.
  3. We will identify, model, reinforce, and measure the character attributes needed to compete and contribute as respectful, responsible and productive citizens.
  4. We will ensure our curriculum and assessments strengthen the implementation of the academy structure so that all students are college and career ready.
  5. We will secure and leverage our physical, technological and human resources to effectively support our students’ education.
  6. We will, in partnership with families and community, develop and implement plans to deliver a culturally responsive educational experience and expand the diversity of our faculty and administration in order to close the achievement gap.


We will capitalize on the benefits of our diversity to enrich and strengthen our educational programs.

We will always maintain a safe and secure environment.

We will not tolerate behavior which demeans the self-worth or dignity of any individual or group.

No new program or service will be accepted unless it is consistent with the strategic plan, its benefits clearly justify the cost, and provisions are made for staff development with sufficient time for effective implementation and program evaluation.

No program will be retained unless the benefits continue to justify the costs, and the program makes an optimal contribution to the mission.

We will always use data, effective instruction, and a continuum of academic support to improve student achievement.

We will always work in collaboration with our sender school districts to provide a cohesive, rigorous educational program to ensure all students are college and career ready.

School and District Improvement Plans must always be consistent with the strategic direction of the district.

We will establish scheduling priorities that support student academic achievement within an academy environment.