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Joliet West High School Students Take Home First & Second Place Awards at 2022 Technology Day Competition Event

Thirty Joliet West students attended the Illinois State University 2022 Technology Day Competitive Event representing a variety of Career and Technical Education classes. West students took home first and second place awards in the following categories:  Structural Technology - 1st Place in Level 1; Invention and Innovation - 2nd Place in Level 1 and Level 2; and Transportation Technology - 2nd Place in Level 2.  The team instructors are John Barber and Justin Moscato.

In the Structural Technology category, students constructed a structure that held a bottle of water the highest distance from the floor with the requirements of a 6” opening span and movement to the workstation testing area. For Invention and Innovation, students constructed a device that sorted two different size balls, one required to land on the table and the other required to finish at least two inches above the table. The device was measured on the speed at which it sorts 10 balls. In Transportation Technology, students constructed an airplane to travel the furthest distance while carrying the provided cargo (a marble). The airplane required two wings and both rear stabilizers (horizontal and vertical).  Congratulation to our students!

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