District Overview

The information on this page has been compiled to provide a brief overview of Joliet Township High School District programs and services, including demographic and academic information.


Annual Reports

Annual Report 2016 - 17
Annual Report Spanish 
Annual Report 2015 - 16
Annual Report Spanish 
Annual Report 2014 - 15

Annual Report 2013 - 14

Annual Report 2012 - 13 Annual Report 2011-12
Annual Report 2002 - 2010    


JTHS Quick Facts

Illinois Report Card

The 2016 Illinois Report Card is now available at www.illinoisreportcard.com

The Illinois State Board of Education annually releases a report card that shows how each school, district, and the state is performing on a wide range of educational goals. The Illinois Report Card has two main components: the At-a-Glance Report that provides important information about each school or district in a one-page, printable format; and the online report card that delivers in-depth information with explanations of each indicator available.

“Frequently Asked Questions” are a helpful resource when navigating the Illinois Report Card and can be accessed online at: http://www.illinoisreportcard.com/Help.