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Math Links

www.aaamath.com - This site provides hundreds of practice problems and would be good for the Algebra 1 – Part 1 student.

www.abcteach.com - This is a good primary site. It has a ton of stuff to look at. Fun activities, flashcards, awards, etc…

About Math

www.askdrmath.com - Have a question about math? Dr. Math can answer it! Questions can be asked from the Elementary School level to College and beyond.

www.cut-the-knot.com - Explanations on just about any kind of math can be found at this site. For example, geometry will link you to 43 different proofs of the Pythagorean theorem.

www.eduplace.com - On this site, you can find a new brain teaser every Wednesday in math. There are also links to Reading/Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science.

www.funbrain.com/math - On this site, your child(ren) can play math baseball. Questions can range from easy to super hard.

www.gomath.com - At this site, students can receive free online help for K-12 math (within 24 hours). An SAT Math tutorial, teacher/parent exchange, interactive tutorials and quizzes, and math games can also be found at this site.

www.hotmath.org - This site will show step-by-step explanations for actual homework problems in math textbooks, and will range from Middle School to Calculus.
www.howstuffworks.com - This site favors the sciences, electronics, home, auto, etc…and is great at explaining how things work.

www.illuminations.nctm.org - This site contains lesson plans, and interactive math tools ranging from Pre-K to 12 th grade.

www.joyofpi.com - This site is exclusively about pi.

www.math.com - This site provides homework help and tutoring for students. Subjects range from Basic Math to Calculus.

Math Formulas

www.mathforum.org - This site contains K-12 math puzzles, problems of the week, and a student center that can link you to different tutorial sites.

www.powersoften.com - This site is dedicated to studying the powers of ten.

Practical Algebra Lessons

www.purplemath.com - This site concentrates on Algebra, and would be good for the Algebra 1 – Part 1, Part 2, and full year student.

www.quia.com - You can find a lot of quizzes, games and activities at this site.

www.yahooligans.com - This is a good site for a variety of academic areas. Math, Science, History, Astrology, etc…

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