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District Support Services

      David W. Gray 

       Director of Support Services/CSBO
       3901 Olympic Boulevard, Joliet, IL 60431



Central Campus & Alternate School
Supervisor:  Mr. Brian Furczyk
Phone: 815-727-6708
Fax: 815-727-6803
E-mail:  bfurczyk@jths.org


West Campus
Supervisor:  Ms. Pat Militello
Phone: 815-727-6908
Fax: 815-774-1680
E-mail:  pmilitello@jths.org

Need to transfer or refund lunch money?

Lunch account balances remaining at the end of the school year will roll-over to the following school year.  The School District will not issue refunds or transfers during the school year or after each school year, except to graduates or students withdrawing from the school district.   Refunds and transfers will be issued according to the following guidelines:

  1. Refunds and transfers will only be considered for graduates and students withdrawing from the school district.

  2. A balance less than $10 will not be refunded, transferred or used toward payment of student fees.Students should deplete lunch accounts with less than $10 before their last day of school.

  3. Accounts with more than $10 will be used:

    1. Toward payment of the student’s fees;

    2. Transferred to another family member;

    3. A refund will be issued.

  4. Parents must submit a written request to transfer or refund the balance within two weeks after a student graduates or withdraws from the school district.

  5. Transfer requests should include the name and ID number of the graduate and the name and ID number of the family member receiving the funds. 

  6. Refund requests should include the name and ID number of the graduate, the parents name and a mailing address.

  7. Cash refunds will not be provided.


    Mail refund request to:                                                           Email refund request to:

    Joliet Township High School District                                      dgray@jths.org

    Director of Support Services

    3901 Olympic Boulevard

    Joliet, IL  60431-7947


              School Wellness Policy Review Completed         

The School District completed the annual review of the School Wellness Policy and determined no changes are required at this time. 

General Food Service Information

The cafeteria provides quality breakfast and lunch selections each day. Students pay $2.80 for a full lunch meal and $1.80 for a full breakfast. The district participates in the National School Lunch Program and is monitored by the Illinois State Board of Education and the Will County Health Department. Parents and students must create a pre-paid account through the MySchoolBucks web site shown in the right column. By prepaying, parents can assure lunch money is being used for school meals, reduce worries about forgetting or losing money, limit the amount used each day and specify if additional food can be purchased.  Cash is not accepted in the cafeteria.  Students must use the MySchoolBucks system. Refunds will be issued based on the refund policy shown in the column to the right. Menus change on a daily basis, although some items are available each day.

***Food Service is a CASHLESS system***

Joliet Township High School District uses a prepaid point of sale system called MySchoolBucks.com.  Cash is not accepted in the cafeteria.  All students and staff should create and fund a lunch account online at www.myschoolbucks.com.  Deposits are also accepted through the school Textbook Center/Cashier Office.  Your students name and ID number should be included with deposits.  All deposits take 24-hours to be processed, so the funds will not be available to use until the next school day.   To purchase meals, individuals scan their District ID to deduct the meal cost from their prepaid balance. 

Why did the school district do this?

Speed…..Convenience…..Safety…..Parental Control…..Financial Management

1. The lunch lines move faster. Students have more time to eat lunch.

2. Students don't need to carry money. They use their District ID for purchases.

3. Parents set spending limits and can view a history of what your child purchases.

4. Parents receive email reminders for low balances.

5. The system offers recurring payment options, so it automatically replenishes your child’s account based on limits you set.

6. No cost to participate or to add money to a student account.

7. Improved financial accountability.

How do you get started?

Register and deposit money in an account today at www.myschoolbucks.com  


             School Wellness Policy          

Student Wellness, including good nutrition and physical activity, shall be promoted in the District's educational program, school activities, and meal programs.  Please click WELLNESS POLICY 6:50 to view the Districts policy.  The School District is currently completing the annual review of the School Wellness Policy.  If you have suggestions or comments concerning the development, implementation, and improvement of the school wellness policy, please email David Gray at dgray@jths.org






MENU FOR Central and West





     Notice concerning pre-payments

Notice concerning pre-payments - Spanish




The Online Free and Reduced Application process is very easy to use.  Instructions are included on every page of the online application.  For additional help, please review the following step by step instructions.

Online Free & Reduced Meal

 Application Instructions


Apply online by clicking on the GREY button shown above.  The online system is QUICK, EASY and COMPLETE.  After you enter the correct information, it will be transferred to the school lunch system to determine your child's eligibility.  The online system is a substantial improvment in the application process.  Try it now and see how quick and easy it is.  If you cannot complete the application online or prefer a paper application, send an email to dgray@jths.org or call 815-727-5414.

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