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Strategy 1
We will develop and implement innovative plans to motivate and engage students and their families in achieving our strategic objectives.


  • 1.1 Create programs that provide educational opportunities for parents to better support and understand their student's education.

    Owners: John Randich and Teresa Gibson
    In Progress: 2011     Operationalized: 2012      
  • 1.2 Ensure that all teachers are utilizing technology and a variety of effective teaching strategies in order to engage students in relevant lessons.

    Owner: Shad Hallihan and Al Filipponi     
    In Progress: 2009                                                
  • 1.3 Expand student involvement in a regular intramural program at each campus.
    Owner: Chris Olson
    In Progress: 2012                                                
  • 1.4 Establish partnerships with local churches and community organizations to promote parent and student engagement

    Owner: Cheryl McCarthy  
    In Progress: 2009     Operationalized 2011         Progress

  • 1.5 Provide just-in-time extra help opportunities for students who are in danger of failing core classes.

    Owners: John Randich and Teresa Gibson   
    In Progress: 2009                                                 Progress

  • 1.6 Establish a program that utilizes a diverse group of role models to emphasize the value of education.

    Owner: Carol Collins
    In Progress: 2011                                                 Progress

Added 2013

  • 1.7 Provide support opportunities for students who are in danger of not graduating.

    Owners: Dianne McDonald and Jennifer Rea
    In Progress: 2013                                                 Progress

  • 1.8 Establish academic support and a monitoring structure in honors and/or Advanced Placement courses so that each student enrolled can be successful.

    Owners: Teresa Gibson and Jennifer Rea   
    In Progress: 2013                                                  Progress
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