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Grade 12

No School
College Visit or
Community Service

No School
College Visit or
Community Service

Regular School Day


College Visits

These no attendance days are designed for you to visit one or more colleges and plan for your future educational goals.  The purpose of visiting a college is to find out more information about the school and its programs. It is important to research a variety of colleges and universities so that you find a program which meets your personal goals.

Plan your visit by contacting an admissions officer and be prepared to make an appointment for the day you would like to visit.

Information you may want to gather on the day of your college visit can include some of the following questions:

What are your most well-known programs?
Do you accept AP credits?
Are professors required to have office hours?

Student Life
Do you offer a shadowing or overnight program for prospective students?
Is housing guaranteed? Are the dorms co-ed?
What percentage of students are commuters?
Do you have sororities and fraternities?

Financial Information
What is the tuition? Follow-up question: Does that include Room and Board?
Am I automatically considered for any merit-based college scholarship when I apply?

Good luck and make the most of your days!

Community Service

Community service is an act which contributes to the improvement of a community. In order to graduate, all students shall complete 40 hours of voluntary (no pay) community service. (Transfer students need 5 hours for each semester they are in attendance). Activities completed through a school or not-for-profit organization that benefits a community may be considered for community service credit. This requirement is for the betterment of the student and community. Students are responsible for selecting an appropriate service, contacting the responsible agency, preparing and processing an application form, completing the service, and returning a verification certificate to the school.

The student’s counselor will maintain a record of community service as part of the student’s file. Service to the school district is acceptable if the service is completed outside the regular school day.

The service agency is responsible for screening and approving specific applicants. The service agency is also responsible for all supervision and for completing the verification document. The student is expected to conform to all requirements and expectations of the service agency. The service agency can terminate the arrangement at any time with or without cause.

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