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Honors and Advanced Placement Program

Most colleges and universities in the United States have an A.P. policy granting incoming students credit, placement, or both on the basis of their A.P. exam grades.  Each A.P. course has a corresponding exam that participating schools worldwide administer in May.  A.P. exams contain multiple-choice questions and a free response section (essay, problem-solving, or oral response).  A.P. exams are a culminating assessment in all A.P. courses and are thus an integral part of the program.  As a result, students who enroll in an A.P. course are expected to take the corresponding A.P. exam.


District 204 Vision for the Advanced Placement Program

It is the vision of Joliet Township High School that every student will be given the opportunity for success in an AP class and its corresponding exam. The district is committed to providing the support necessary to every student so they can excel.


A.P. Course Offerings

All A.P. Course offerings and descriptions can be found it the Course Offering Guide.

Students should consider enrolling in Advanced Placement courses if:

  • Experience classes that emphasize and promote improved study skills

  • Be intellectually challenged

  • Have the opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of materials

  • Improve reading and writing skills by reading collegiate level materials and writing to address collegiate level prompts

  • Improve thinking, analysis and problem-solving

  • Have the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school

Expectations in Advanced Placement courses include:

  • responsibility for one's own learning

  • increased amounts of homework and outside reading

AP Advanced Placement Students Reflect on their Experiences (Video)

2016-2017 Exam Schedule

Week 1 Morning Afternoon
Monday May 1,2017 Chemistry
Environmental Science
Tuesday May 2, 2017

Computer Science A
Spanish Language and Culture

Art History
Physics 1
Wednesday May 3, 2017 English Literature and Composition Japanese Language and Culture
Physics 2
Thursday May 4, 2017 United States Government and
Chinese Language and Culture
Friday May 5, 2017 German Language and Culture
United States History
Computer Science Principles


Week 2 Morning Afternoon
Monday May 8, 2017

Music Theory

Physics C
Tuesday May 9, 2017 Calculus AB
Calculus BC
French Language and Culture
Spanish Language and Culture
Wednesday May 10, 2017 English Language and Composition Italian Language and Culture
Thursday May 11, 2017  Comparative Government and
World History
Friday May 12, 2017 Human Geography
European History


Advanced Placement Academic Camp – Summer 2017

Summer Tutoring

A two week tutoring program is available to freshmen and sophomore students who are close to eligible for an honors English (pre-AP), honors Math (pre-AP) or Advanced Placement Social Science course as well as to students who are eligible but not enrolled in these courses.  The summer tutoring program is designed to help prepare these students for the academic challenges of honors-level curriculum.  This summer tutoring program will utilize Spring Board, which is the College Board’s college readiness curriculum.  Students will become familiar with the rigors of the Spring Board curriculum.  Upon completion of the summer tutoring program students will be given the opportunity to enroll or opt out of the honors program. 

Eligibility:  A minimum of a “16” on the EXPLORE reading test and a teacher recommendation.

Contact:  Please contact your high school counselor about this opportunity.


Support for Freshmen

Additional academic support will be available to all freshmen students enrolled in A. P. Human Geography and Honors English 1.  This support will vary depending on the school and content (most support is offered after school, but some support is offer to students on weekends).  The additional academic support will focus on helping struggling students be more successful in their current course as well as future A.P. level courses.  Students who feel they need additional support should contact their teacher immediately.  Teachers may also recommend individual students for support.  In addition to this additional academic support students may enroll in an A.P. mentoring program.   

Support for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

Teachers are available to students before and after school to address student concerns and help students prepare for A. P. exams by providing students with additional exposure to exam content as well as strategies for success.   Students will also have the opportunity to participate in practice test sessions which will help them prepare for the actual A.P. exam by giving them an authentic test-taking experience.     

Students can sign up for practice tests by using the PD Tracker webpage.                

Instructions for using PD tracker can be found here


Additional Support:

Joliet West AP Assistance Room:  E254 (During periods 1A, 1B, 4A-6B and 7B)

Joliet West National Honor Society Tutoring:  Monday and Wednesday 3:30-4:30 in the Media Center


Signing up for A.P. Practice Exams and review at JTHS

We are happy to announce that JTHS will be offering several opportunities for Advance Placement Review, Advance Placement Practice Tests, ACT Review, and ACT Practice tests.  In order for us to adequately prepare for these sessions, you are required to enroll in advance.  Below are the directions to do so.

Students can sign up for practice tests by using the PD Tracker webpage.

Instructions for using PD tracker can be found here


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:How much credit do I receive by taking an AP course compared to a college-prep course?

 A: Beginning in the 2014-2015 school year, students taking an AP course receive an extra point to their grade. For example, if a student gets a C in an AP course, it would be like getting a B in a college-prep course.

Q: Do I need to take the AP exam at the conclusion of the course?

A: Although it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended for the student to take the AP exam in May. Colleges typically look for students to take the exam if they enrolled in the course.

Q: Can I drop an AP course?

A: The beginning of a course is always the most challenging and stressful, but after conversations with the instructor and the use of additional support services, students typically get more comfortable and continue on with the course. The expectation is for the student, parents, teacher, and counselor to discuss the best course of action for that particular student and their case-by-case situation.

Q: How much college credit can my student get by taking the AP exam?

A: This is depends on the college, the score, and the exam. You can go to the College Board and check out what universities accept for each exam.  

Q: Where can parents and students go to gain more information about our program?

A: Joliet West will be offering an AP Parent Night on April 27th in the Auditorium at 6:30pm. Teachers will be available to answer questions as well as counselors and current students. It is encouraged to bring your student along that evening.  

Q: Where can my student obtain support throughout the year if he/she is struggling in an honors/AP course? 

A: There are many options for students to receive help in their courses. The first person they should contact right away is their instructor to ask for assistance. In addition, National Honor Society offers after school tutoring in the Media Center on Mondays and Wednesdays. Lastly, there will be a new resource room that students can utilize during their Advisory time to get the necessary assistance they need and to prepare for the AP exam. 


Additional Information about Advanced Placement Programs and Exams

The College Board Homepage

Taking the A.P. Exam (College Board resources for students)

AP Central (College Board resources for teachers)

Advanced Placement Program Research (Publications)

Advanced Placement Program Data (2015)

AP Social Studies Vertical Alignment Plan







AP Summer Information

Advanced Placement Academic Camp – Summer 2017

Required Summer Assignments for AP and Honors
Many Advanced Placement Courses require work to be completed during the summer.  Below is a list of courses with required work; each course name is a link to the required assignment.  Please note that AP students are also expected to complete the District Summer Reading Program.

AP/ Honors Courses with Required Summer Work:

Materials for AP Human Geography Bootcamp

Required Summer Assignments for West Honors Precalculus 

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