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Junior Year

Talk to your counselor and teachers about College Preparatory and Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Remember that most colleges and universities look for a minimu of 4 years English, 3 years of math, 3 years of social studies, 3 years science, and 2 years of foreign language.  Course selection for upcoming year will begin in the late fall. Changes to course requests need to be completed by February 1.

Use your planner to keep track of courses taken and grades earned. Colleges are looking for B average students.

Update your high school portfolio in the fall and spring.

  • report cards
  • list of awards and honors
  • list of school and community activities
  • list and description of community service hours (volunteer work)
  • list and description of employment

Continue involvement in activities both in and out of school.  Look for leadership opportunities in these activities.

Continue working on community service hours. At the end of junior year a minimum of 30 recorded hours should be completed.  Turn in completed hours to the Guidance Office.

Schedule to take the PSAT (scores will count for the National Merit), ACT (taken in April to fulfill state graduation requirements, take on other national test dates to help prepare), SAT and AP exams.  Check for registration deadlines and process.

Speak to your counselor about a preview of your academic records and your graduation status.

In the fall, attend college fairs and schedule college tours.  Also sign up to see the college representatives who come to Central Campus.  In the spring, narrow your college choices.

Continue to research careers and employment readiness skills/education requirements.

Research post-secondary education options.

Research financial aid options.

Speak to teachers about writing letters of recommendation for college entrance and scholarships.

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