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September 15, 2016


Anime Club- For students who enjoy all things anime and Japanese gaming culture.

Art Club- The Art Club meets after school and provides extended classroom opportunities for students to produce a variety of works of art

Ballroom Dance Club- This club is for students who want to learn or know ballroom dance steps.  Student leaders choreograph a dance and teach other students. Meetings are the times in which students can practice the dance with a partner.

Band- The Band Program provides opportunities for students to take performance classes dependent on the student’s experience and skills.  Classes are offered in Concert Band, Symphonic Band or Jazz Ensemble.  Groups regularly perform concerts for school and community functions.

Book Club - For students who enjoy reading and book discussion. Students choose a book to read and in once-a-month meetings engage in dialogue and discussion of the book with club members.

Bro2Bro - This is a male mentoring program focused on addressing issues that keep young men from reaching their full potential.

CASA Club - Central Against Substance Abuse is sponsored by the Student Assistance Program and is open to all students. Meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. This organization conducts Red Ribbon Week activities, assemblies for drug prevention, sends D.A.R.E. role models to the grade schools, and helps plan Operation Snowball.

Chess Team - For students who have are beginners or advanced.  Learn basic and advanced strategies by playing other students and clubs.

Choir- The Choir Program provides opportunities for students to take vocal music classes dependent of the student’s experience and skills.  Classes are offered in Mixed Chorus, Ensemble and Concert Choir.  Vocal music groups regularly perform concerts for school and community functions.

Club Puentes- An all-inclusive extra-curricular club that celebrates diversity in our community, encouraging others to accept and embrace the cultural traditions and customs that surround us.  We sponsor school wide activities that help educate our students and community about some of the cultural diversity that exists within our school.

Contest Play - This is an SWSC and IHSA competitive activity that is intended to develop students’ acting and technical skills in the dramatic arts and to encourage students to participate in the presentation of a 40-minute production.

Crossfire - This is a group of students who meet to discuss current topics of Christian fellowship.

Dare to Dream (D2D) Club- This club aims to help Junior and Senior DACAmented students and undocumented students learn about college and career options and scholarship opportunities.

DECA (Distributive Education Club) - DECA identifies the program of youth activity relating to Distributive Education Clubs of America and is designed to develop future leaders for marketing and distribution.

Drama Club - The Drama Club produces the fall play along with other productions during the school year.

Environmental Awareness - Environmental Awareness Club deals with “hands-on” approach to environmental and social issues.

Fantasy Football Club- For students who enjoy watching football and competing in a virtual setting.  Students choose real-life NFL stars to add to their fantasy squads and keep track of their statistics throughout the season.

Fashion Club -  This club meets after school and is for any student that is interested in sewing, knitting, crocheting- all things fashion!

Fearless Females - A group of female students who discuss current issues affecting female students.

Freshman Class Committee - Freshman students are encouraged to attend after school meetings to help with homecoming and other school service projects.

Friends of Rachel - A group of students who accept and model the five challenges from Rachel Scott.

Future Educators- This club meets after school and is for students who aspire to become teachers at the pre-school, grade school, high school or college levels.

Games Workshop - This club meets after school and is perfect for students who enjoy playing various video games.

Garden Club- Steelmen Garden Club meets all year round.  The club works with Master Gardeners from the University of Illinois Extension service to plant, maintain, and harvest a raised bed garden located near the athletic fields.  The club maintains the garden all summer long.  All students are encouraged and welcome to participate.

Group Interpretation - This is an SWSC and IHSA competitive activity that is intended to develop students’ acting, interpretative and technical skills in the dramatic arts and to encourage students to participate in a 30-minute production.

Human Relations Club - The Human Relations Club is open to all students. Its purpose is to increase awareness of various cultures and ethnic customs. The group also is involved in community service projects such as food drives and participates in field trips to colleges and cultural events.

Industrial Cooperative Education/Co-operative Work Training Club - The main purpose of this club is to promote ideas for raising money for the ICE-CWT District Banquet put on for the employers as well as for the trainees.

Junior Class Committee - Juniors are encouraged to attend meetings to help plan for homecoming, prom and other school activities.

Key Club - The Key Club is unique because it is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Joliet, which is comprised of leading business and professional people in the community. The goal of the Key Club is to develop initiative, leadership ability and good citizenship practices. The Key Club is also service-oriented. All students are eligible to join the club.

Latinos En Acción (Latinos in Action) - The purpose of this club is to provide Latino and other interested students with an opportunity to interact with bilingual students and foster greater inclusion of students within the general milieu of the high school campus.

Le Cercle Français (French Club)- This is a club that has regular meetings and plan for various fieldtrips to experience the French Culture.

Líderes Hispanos de Hoy (LHH) - Our goal is to lead and work on academic and social activities that incorporate our Hispanic culture into the Great American culture.

Literary Magazine Inscriptions in Steel - Staff members select items from student works submitted and then prepare a literary magazine.

Madrigals- The Madrigals are a vocal music group that meets after school and performs in the annual Madrigal Dinner held in December.

Math Team - The Math Team is open to anyone who is interested in math competition. There is at least one topic available for any freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior. There are generally six competitions per year. In each tournament, the topics change so the student who competes in all of them gains a broad experience in math. Coaching is available for each topic. These tournaments have provided fun and excitement as well as learning for 50-60 students per year. Attendance at practice sessions is required to compete.

Mock Trial Team- This group of students participate in a simulation of a court room drama.  Students compete against other schools in the region and state.  Students play roles as witnesses, jurors and lawyers for the prosecution or the defense.

Morning Anchors - Students are encouraged to try out to being in front of the camera to record the morning news on SNN.

Musical (Fall Play)- Students are encouraged to get involved in all phases of the producing a musical in the fall.  These performances are in the auditorium and students can participate on-stage or with technical assistance. Tryouts for some parts are necessary and practices are after school for 4-6 weeks before the actual performances.

National Honor Society - Election to the National Honor Society is one of the highest honors which Joliet Township High School can bestow upon a student. No student has a right to be selected for membership. The conditions, which determine eligibility, are as follows:

Membership is based on scholarship, service, leadership, and character:

§  Scholarship - Requires that a student has a 3.5 grade point average or higher over five semesters;

§  Service - Faculty members evaluate each candidate in service by rating the quality on a scale of 1-4, with 4 being the highest. Less than two services to the school or below a 2.5 average rating will disqualify a student;

§  Leadership – Faculty members evaluate each candidate in leadership by rating the quality on a scale of 1-4, with 4 being the highest. Below a 2.5 average rating will disqualify a student;

§  Character - Faculty members evaluate each candidate in character by indicating Yes or No. One or more No’s will disqualify a student.

Other Disqualifiers - Excessive absenteeism (other than serious accident or illness), disciplinary record (especially premeditated violations of school regulations), police record or cheating will disqualify a student.

A student must receive a Total Index Score of 3.5. The Total Index Score is calculated using a student’s grade point average (60%), which is then added into ratings received from faculty in service (20%) and leadership (20%).

The Faculty Council and the Charter Advisor will examine the ratings and calculate the Total Index Score. The decision of the Faculty Council is final, and the data upon which its decision is based is confidential.  Students are selected and initiated during the last part of the junior year or the first part of the senior year.

New Era Choir- The New Era Choir is a vocal music group that meets after school and sings gospel music in the African-American experience.  The group performs for school and community groups.

Newspaper - The JTC Journal is the sanctioned newspaper of Joliet Central. It is produced by the advanced journalism (newspaper) classes. Journalism 1 is required before a student may become a member of the newspaper staff. Non-journalism students may be able to participate as artists, photographers, and writers after submitting an application in the journalism office (Room 275).

Reality Check Skit Team - A drug prevention skit group that performs for junior high groups, adult organizations, and special high school activities.

Reality Illinois (Tobacco Prevention)- Students in the Central Reality Check Skit Team also are members of this state association.

ROTC - In addition to being a course elective at school, ROTC promotes good citizenship by performing a wide variety of community support activities inside and outside the school.  ROTC also sponsors 4 different clubs.  Drill Team and Color Guard compete in the local SWSC JROTC league with 7 other high school ROTCs.  The Air Rifle team competes regionally and nationally with other high school ROTC programs.  Raiders is an adventure club registered with the Boy Scouts as a Venture Crew.

ROTC Drill Team - Each team is made up of eleven people. The teams compete at an all-city competition each year.

ROTC Rifle Team - Each team consists of five people who compete in a series of matches and in all-city competitions.

Scholastic Bowl Team- Team members compete in various academic areas against other SICA schools. A series of quadrangular meets culminate in conferences and regional competitions in March, and regional winners advance to state. The team is open to all students; practices are every Wednesday after school.

Science Team - The Science Team is sponsored by coaches in biological and physical sciences. Students from all grade levels may participate in a variety of competitions. Some involve written testing and others require project work. Students interested in joining these activities may ask their science teacher for information or listen for announcements throughout the year.

Senior Class Committee - Students help plan homecoming, senior banquet and your future class reunions.

Show Choir- The Show Choir meets after school and their performance requires singing and dancing to a variety of music genres.

Snowball Retreat - A weekend retreat to address issues of interest to teens. Meetings are held to plan, organize, and fundraise for this event.

Sophomore Class Committee - Students help plan homecoming activities, Black and White Dance and other school events.

Speech Team - The Speech Team competes in various individual events, including public speaking, acting, and dramatic reading events. The team competes in three (3) to five (5) invitationals each year, the SICA Conference (novice and varsity contests), and the IHSA State Series (regionals, sectionals and state). Non-performers may join the club as supporters and tech-helpers.

Spring Play - Students are encouraged to get involved in all phases of producing a high school play that is held in the spring.  These performances are in the auditorium and students can participate on-stage or with technical assistance. Tryouts for some parts are necessary and practices are after school for 4-6 weeks before the actual performances.

Steelmen News Network (SNN) - Students broadcast, edit and deliver the morning news.  Students who are interested in public speaking, recording and editing the news should visit the Steelmen News Studio (Room 216).

Student Council - The purposes of this organization are to promote a knowledge of an interest in good government, to develop the spirit of responsibility and the habit of self- discipline among the students, to stimulate the spirit of cooperation among students and faculty, to aid in the development of loyal constructive school spirit, and to act as an advisory and coordinating group of the student body.

Teens Against Tobacco Use (TATU) - A presentation group.

Yearbook - The J is compiled every year by the students and contains comprehensive coverage of the year’s activities. Any student who has completed English 1 and is enrolled in Journalism is welcome to apply for any positions on the yearbook staff.

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