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Freshman Academy

Q: How will students be placed in honors or college prep classes?
A: JT will still use EXPLORE scores, honors test scores and eight grade teacher recommendations.


Q: Who will attend Freshman Academy?
A: All freshmen entering JT will attend Freshman Academy

Q: What is Freshman Academy?
A: Freshman Academy is a smaller learning community with special features proven to help students learn more. Every Freshman Academy student will have an advisor the student sees every school day, will be taught by a corps of teachers working together to help their students and will start school an hour earler than JT sophmores, juniors and seniors. The extra period at the beginning of the day enables Freshman Academy studetns to either take more electives or, if necessary, support classes in Math or English


Q: Will freshmen, sophmores, juniors and seniors eventually have the same eight-period school day?
A: There are no plans to extend the day for sophmores, juniors or seniors at this time.


Q: Exactly how will freshmen be scheduled in an extended day?
A: The following is the schedule: Period 1 - 7:20--8:15 Period 2 - 8:20-9:15 Period 3 - 9:20-10:15 Period 4 - 10:20-11:15 Period 5 - 11:20-12:15 Period 6 - 12:20-1:15 Period 7 - 1:20-2:15 Period 8 - 2:20-3:15 NOTE: Freshmen begin their day at 7:20 (Period 1). All other students begin at 8:20 (Period 2).


Q: Will JT busing change?
A: Yes, in the morning. There will be two bus runs to bring students to school, on for freshmen and one for other students. There still will be one bus run to bring all students home from school in the afternoon. Activity buses will still run.

Q: Will Freshman Academy students be able to participate in after-school activities?
A: Yes, because the school day will end at the same time for all students, freshmen through seniors.

Q: Will Freshman Academy students be able to take elective courses that combine freshmen through seniors, such as band?
A: Yes, however, any entering freshman whose test scores indicate he or she needs extra help will be automatically placed in an English and/or Math support class rather than in an elective.

Q: Who can I contact with any additional Freshman Academy questions?
A: You would contact Ms. Robin English, Smaller Learning Communities Coordinator. Email address:
renglish@jths.org. Telephone number: 815-727-6735

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