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Spotlight on JT West Alumni

’65       Ford C. June III (Chet)                                             Attorney / President of the Board of
 Education District 204
’67       Skip Griparis                                                            Jazz musician / Comedian / Actor
                                                                                                Recording Artist / Songwriter
                                                                                                Films / Television / Stage
’68       Mike McLaren                                                          Trial Attorney / Actor /Film roles include
The Firm and A Time to Kill
’72       Charlie Adams                                                         Professional Musician / Drummer for
 Yanni   / Recording Artist
’75       Jeff Krieger                                                               Graduate of Yale School of
 Music /Principal cellist with the
 Hartford Symphony Orchestra
’75       Mark Masek                                                              Author of “Hollywood Remains to Be
 Seen: A Guide to the Movie Stars’ Final
’76       Thomas L. Perkins                                                  U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Central District
’78       Paul Dillon                                                                  Professional actor / film & television
’78       Davenia “Deide” McFadden                                    Professional Actress / Films / Television
’79       Laura Soltis                                                               Professional Actress / Vocalist / Stage &
’80       Sharon Graves                                                          Professional Broadcasting Meteorologist
’81       Jimmie Chamberlin                                                 Professional Musician / Drummer for the
 “Smashing Pumpkins”
‘84       Judie Bell                                                                   Country singer/songwriter
’84       Andy Dick                                                                   Professional Actor / Offbeat Comedian /
 Television / Films
’85       John Barrowman                                                     Professional Actor / Films / Stage &
                                                                                                 Television / Recording Artist
’87       Mark Carlson                                                            Major League Umpire
’87       Stephanie Ferguson                                               Senior Engineer at Kraft Foods/Holds her
own U.S. patent on a baked snack chip design process she   invented
’87       Jeffrey Ray                                                                International Opera Singer / Vocal Coach
’88       Anthony Rapp                                                           Professional Actor / Stage / Created the
 role of the narrator in the Broadway
 musical “Rent”
’90       Amy Varsek                                                              Dog sledding across Canada’s Northwest
                                                                                                 Territories as part of Arctic Quest
’94       Shawn Smith                                                             Creator of Nintendo DS video game
 “Ninjatown” and of Shawnimals toy
 product line
‘95       Sonya Gavankar                                                        1997 Miss District of Columbia in Miss
 America Pageant / TV Journalist / Public Relations Executive
’95       Dayna Schoffstoll                                                      Aerospace Engineer with NASA
’96       Jennifer Maiotti                                                        Senior documentary producer, writer
                                                                                                 for National Geographics and Discovery
’96       Nicole M. Switzer                                                     Professional actress / National Touring
 Company of “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”
’98       Janina Gavankar                                                       Professional Actress / Television / Films
’09       Emily Ziesmer                                                          Creator of West’s newest Tiger logo
JT West athletes included in the naming of the “100 Athletes of the Century ” as part of the centennial activities celebrated by District 204 in 2001 are the following:
’98       Aaron Aguire                                         All-state soccer – All-Midwest
’80       Cathy Boswell                                       Three-time All-State Basketball
                                                                             ’84 Olympic Gold Medallist
’89       Nikki Brandolino                                   State Champion Bowling
’69       Bob Burris                                              All-State Football
’74       John Cabrera                                        State Champion Wrestling
’72       Mel Carson                                            State Champion Wrestling
’91       Terry Collins                                         State Champion Hurdles
                                                                             Final 4 Basketball Oklahoma State University
’67       Mike Cookas                                         All-Conference Baseball/Football/Wrestling
’82       Chris Crowther                                     State Champion 200 & 400 Hurdles
                                                                               4th in State Cross Country
’80       Donna Decker                                         State Champion Swimming 100-yard freestyle
’78       Jeff Dillman                                             State Champion Wrestling
                                                                               Two-time National Wrestling Champion at
                                                                               Eastern Illinois University
                                                                               Gold Medallist at Pan American Games
’90       Jon Foskett                                              State Champion Pole Vault
’70       Jarrett Hubbard                                       State Champion Wrestling
                                                                                Two-time NCAA Wrestling Champion at
                                                                                University of Michigan /Four-time All American
                                                                                & Wolverine Athlete of the Year
’88       Steve Kelly                                               State Champion 100 and 400-yard Dash
’75       Cindy Kontos                                           Named Joliet’s No. 1 Female Bowler
’72       George Kontos                                        Professional Bowler and American Bowling
                                                                               Congress World Champion
’68       Lorin Lynch                                              All-State Football, All-conference Baseball
                                                                                First player named All-State for new school
                                                                                Named MVP Football & Baseball
                                                                                Named ’68 “West Athlete of the Year”/
                                                                                University of Iowa Football
’94       Scott Malinowksi                                    All-State Baseball
’77       Scott Martin                                              All-state Basketball /University of Utah
’74       Dwayne McCallum                                   State Champion Wrestling
’77       Greg McCallum                                        State Champion Wrestling
’79       Dane Nasenbenny                                   State Champion Wrestling
’86       Steve Parris                                             Major league pitcher for eight seasons /
Pittsburgh Pirates, Cincinnati Reds, Toronto Blue Jays / Tampa Bay Devil Rays
’78       Curt Phelps                                              State Champion Wrestling
’77       Curt Reed                                                  All-State Baseball / Triple A Minor League with
Chicago White Sox
’80       Jeff Reed                                                   All-State Baseball / Major League Catcher with
Minnesota Twins, Montreal Expos, Cincinnati Reds, San Francisco Giants, Colorado Rockies,
Chicago Cubs
’84       Brent Snyder                                            All-state Football / All-conference Basketball
                                                                                Pro Football with the Chicago Bears
’99       Heather B. Suca                                        All-state Softball / Softball at Indiana University
’81       Todd Sterr                                                State Champion Wrestling
’82       Carol Wiegand                                         State Champion Swimming 100-yard Backstroke
                                                                               100-yard Butterfly
’91       Jackie Williams                                       All-State Basketball
’72       Gary Woolford                                          Football, Wrestling / State Champion High
Hurdles / NFL Football with N.Y. Giants
NOTE: In addition to the above athletes, many West athletes were also named to the roster of “Distinguished Athletes of the Century” in 2001.
JT West athletes inducted into the Joliet Area Sports Hall of Fame:
·        2003 Hall of Fame Class   Cathy Boswell ‘80
·        2005 Hall of Fame Class   Jarrett Hubbard ‘70
·        2008 Hall of Fame Class   Chris Crowther ‘82
·        2008 Hall of Fame Class   Jeff Reed ‘80
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