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Job Shadowing Program Overview

Program Goals

Job shadowing is a required component of each student’s sophomore year and is designed to explore further interest in a current chosen career academy.  All sophomores will engage in activities designed to plan, execute, and report upon an authentic, meaningful job shadowing experience.  The expectation of the job shadowing experience is that all sophomore students will:

§     Continue exploration of career choices initiated during the freshman year.

§     Identify individual interests and questions concerning the student’s preliminary career decisions.

§     Enhance the connection of classroom learning with real world applications.

§     Identify and observe appropriate work ethics and their importance in the work environment.

§     Encourage students to attain higher levels of achievement.

Benefits to Students, Families, School, and Community

§     Prepares students to compete in and contribute positively to the Joliet community.

§     Exposes students to future areas of interest.

§     Allows students to make informed decisions about post-secondary experiences.

§     Demonstrates that the entire community is committed to each student’s education.

§     Develops a more productive workforce

§     Enhances communication among businesses, Joliet Township High School, families, and students who live in the JTHS community.

Student’s Major Responsibilities

The student will:

§     Select one of the three options listed on the Job Shadowing Option Form and submit the form to the sophomore advisor.

§     Participate in a minimum of four hours in a job shadowing experience that is aligned to the student’s current career academy placement.

§     Dress appropriately for the assigned job shadowing location.

§     Observe the daily operations of the job shadowing site.

§     Dialogue with the site representative to understand the function and organization of the job shadowing site.

§     Identify the appropriate work ethic and behavior expected at the job shadowing site.

§     Identify the qualifications and education needed to participate in a career at the job shadowing site.

§     Submit the final job shadowing documentation to the student’s advisor by the designated deadlines.

§     The student will complete a required informative speech on job shadowing as part of their English 2 final exam grade for the 2nd semester.

Parent’s Major Responsibilities

The parent/guardian will:

§     Discuss future career interests with his/her child.

§     Discuss possible job shadowing locations that reflect his/her child’s career interests.

§     Discuss his/her child’s career academy placement and various job shadowing options.

§     Attend an informational meeting

§     Assist in the selection of a job shadowing option and ensure that the Job Shadowing Option Form is returned.

§     Assist in completing all the necessary paperwork and meeting all the established timelines.

§     Discuss appropriate behavior and attire before the job shadowing experience.

School’s Major Responsibilities

The school will:

§     Inform the students and parents about the job shadowing experience and the required English 2 informative speech related to job shadowing.

§     Provide the necessary forms and timelines.

§     Establish business partnerships for job shadowing opportunities.

§     Schedule an informational meeting to provide further clarification of to the job shadowing experience.

§     Collect the appropriate documents from each student.

§     Confirm the job shadowing assignment for each student.

§     Contact each business partner at the conclusion of the job shadowing experience.

Business Partner’s Major Responsibilities

The business partner will:

§     Communicate and confirm job shadowing information, including appropriate dress, directions, time, and lunch accommodations.

§     Provide a minimum four-hour job shadowing experience.

§     Provide opportunities for observing the daily operations of the workplace.

§     Instruct the student in proper safety procedures of the workplace.

§     Provide opportunity for question/answer session focusing on performance expectations.

§     Discuss the level of education required for employment within the workplace.

§     Complete and submit the Job Shadowing Evaluation Document to Joliet Township High School.

The mission of Joliet Township High School, a diverse and unified learning community of choice, is to empower every student to acquire and apply the attributes to compete and contribute positively to our community and global society by providing a rigorous, relevant, and innovative education in a safe, supportive, academy environment through a quality, caring, and dedicated staff working in partnership with family and community.

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